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Social responsibility

The concern for the general well-being is of big importance in the system of values in our company. In this direction, Skopski Pazar A.D. has been helping the activities that are important for the wider community in which it functions through sponsorships and donations for many years. We have been supporting projects in the area of culture, sports, science, education, health and protection of the environment as well as programmes for the benefit of children and youth and for people with special needs. By implementing this business policy, our company participates in the popularization of sports, music and culture in general and carries out its own responsibility towards society.

Some of these activities which are focused on the benefits of the community include:

  • training of our employees how to use sign language;
  • celebrating World health day - 7th of April – by essay writing service providing free medical examination and blood donation campaign in the premises of SP Planet and SP Market in Kisela Voda;
  • sponsorship for the children’s black girl porn tennis cup.

If you believe that Skopski Pazar should provide its participation porn cartoon through sponsorship or donation, please send your suggestions to the following contact person:

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